Hire a Professional Bird Control Service to Tackle the Problem

Many people have birds as pets and are involved in many different types of activities with them. But birds like pigeons, mynas, etc. are a big nuisance to others. One of the other issues with having birds around your property is that bird-like Pigeons reproduce quite aggressively in summer and spring and increase in number very fast. They never migrate and feed on insects, plants, and also any waste lying around. It is not very easy to get rid of them once they begin nesting on your property.

Reason for Bird Control in Sydney

Several birds lead to many issues at residential locations and commercial areas as mentioned here:

The droppings of such birds are very ugly, and the smell is disgusting too. It is something one has to clear daily.

  • They make the surroundings of your house very unhygienic.
  • It can result in the spread of many types of diseases like salmonella, ornithosis, E.Coli, etc.
  • They can cause the failure of electrical equipment and are also a significant fire hazard.
  • Attracts other types of pests and flies as well.

Tips on Tackling Pests in the form of Birds

There are several methods of putting an end to the bird problem and keeping it that way:

  • Clear your space of all food and maintain a high level of cleanliness.
  • It is vital to ensure all trash is placed in the trash bin with the lid closed securely.
  • Avoid feeding the pest birds.
  • Prune your trees to ensure they are clear of your building.
  • Treat the places where the birds frequent with spikes and sticky glue.
  • Placing traps is also quite useful.
  • Seek help from the professional pest controller for effective removal.

Benefits of Professional Bird Control in Sydney

SRM Pest Control is a professional pest control company with the right solution to deal with all kinds of pests, including termites, birds, rats, and more. We are also experts when it comes to bed bug removal in Sydney. We have the expertise to eradicate any nesting of mynas on your property and create several strategic barriers to prevent the problem from reoccurring. We also help you deal with the problem of pigeons by establishing a mesh or using other techniques to seal open spaces. This prevents them from landing on your property.

SRM Pest Control
7/3 Sherbrook Rd
Sydney, NSW 2077
Phone : 0423 857 773

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