Pest control during the times of COVID-19

During this season of emergency like never before individuals need to remain solid. Pest control services in Sydney are viewed as a basic business as our industry secures condition, our nourishment sources, homes and firms from pests.

Bug control keeps harmful bugs from debilitating the well being and resistant arrangement of individuals. Our greatest concern should be the security of our staff and the assurance of our customers. During these exceptional occasions, we have executed a COVID-19 protocol

What should we be doing to ensure our customers are secure

  • All representatives are required to report in the event that they are unwell or have come into contact with somebody who is unwell.
  • We will keep the prescribed separation of social removing at whatever point conceivable and ask that you do likewise
  • We will wash our hands with cleanser when going to your property
  • Where conceivable and whenever concurred by you, we will demand to utilize the way to enter the property when you are not home to limit contact and introduction

What we ask from customers

On the off chance that an exchanges individual or one of our staff is required to go to your property to complete support or a review that you illuminate us preceding joining in on the off chance that you are wiped out, have been in contact with someone who has or is being tried for the infection or on the off chance that you have voyage abroad inside the most recent 14 days.

  • Cashless installments where conceivable.
  • Irritation Control administration is a fundamental key to general wellbeing and security.

Pest control can’t control or stall COVID -19 yet it controls pests that can bargain wellbeing, thus debilitating the insusceptible framework. We are prepared to serve our customers during COVID-19 and Possum removal in Sydney. Do visit our website or call on the toll-free number to book an appointment or site visit, our teams will be happy to help.

7/3 Sherbrook Rd
Sydney, NSW 2077

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